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Academic English Achievements 2019

This has been our best year ever!

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, we’d like to say a really big THANK YOU for supporting AEUK over this last year and we hope you have enjoyed using our materials. We created over 40 lessons in 2019 and below is a selection of some of our best resources from the past year.

Happy New Year!

The AEUK Team.

Key changes for 2019 – Teacher Membership!


Membership for teachers – over £200 worth of materials for £30 a month?


It took a while but in February we managed to create an EAP TEACHER MEMBERSHIP – GO HERE.

All our Academic English materials including the listening membership for only £30/ £90 / £150 – DOWNLOAD ‘absolutely everything’ with new material being added all the time too. This includes all academic lessons on reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Our authentic lessons are tried and tested on international students in UK universities and are easy to use, interesting and highly motivating.


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 ‘unlimited’ access to all our materials – absolutely everything!

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TEACHER MEMBERSHIP Terms and Conditions – here

Key changes for 2019 – Institutional Membership! 

Institutional Membership this is for universities, educational institutes or English language schools. GO HERE

It provides complete freedom to:

1)  use /share our materials with any number of teachers and students

2) put our materials on Electronic Learning Environments / digital courses

3) adapt them in anyway you would like (Institutional Membership 2) 

We have two 12-month plans to choose from.

platinum membership

12 months

Institutional Membership 1 


 ‘unlimited’ access to all our materials – with logos (PDF docs).

No recurring payment – after 12 months buy again. 

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platinum membership

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INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP Terms and Conditions – here

Topic-based lessons 

Lessons that are focused on one theme and provide students with the opportunity to really explore a topic in more detail and practise all four key academic skills of lecture listening, reading academic texts, source-based writing and seminar discussion skills.  GO HERE.

The lesson books include anything from 6-10 hours of content on:

  • Exploring the topic and linking personal experience.
  • Reading a 800-word text with reading test-type questions.
  • Identifying the key points in the text and writing a summary.
  • Discussing the authors ideas in the text and applying critical thinking.
  • Listening & taking notes to a 10-15 minute lecture.
  • Speaking in a seminar to discuss and synthesise the content.

Week 1 ideas!

This lesson provides a number of resources suitable for the first week on an EAP course (Presessional, Foundation, or University English study courses). GO HERE

It includes:

  • Getting organised 
  • Getting-to-know you activity – speaking mingle
  • Classroom questions
  • Essential language revision.

Academic Integrity

This is a speaking lesson that involves defining ‘academic integrity’, looking at how other universities address academic integrity, and understanding some of the key principles associated with the term. The lesson is designed to promote the positive values of honesty, trust, respect, responsibility and fairness within the academic community. GO HERE

  • Academic plagiarism dictogloss
  • Kinaesthetic speaking activity 
  • Professional proofreading questionnaire 


We’ve been trying to make our listenings more authentic and represent what the students do on university courses. So, we’ve created lessons around TED Talks using PPT. GO HERE

  • Powerpoint slides: The idea is that the students are given the PPT before they listen and add notes to it while listening. This is then followed with a listening worksheet.
  • Adapted Video: Some TED Talks do not have PPT slides in the lecture, so we have created a powerpoint and video (without the speaker) to accompany the lecture.

Feedback from students is generally very positive due to the fact that they can see they are practising a key skill they need for university 

Testing Criteria (simplified)


Presentation Speaking Criteria

This is a basic criteria to assess & grade presentation speaking skills. It has three key criteria: Language accuracy & language range,  fluency & pronunciation, and  presentation & engagement.  Example / Level: ***** [B1/B2/C1] TEACHER MEMBERSHIP / INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP


Seminar Speaking Criteria x2

This is a basic seminar speaking criteria to assess seminar speaking skills which has four key criteria: Language accuracy, language range, pronunciation and communicative effectiveness. Also, another seminar criteria that includes ‘reference to materials’. Example / Level: ***** [B1/B2/C1] TEACHER MEMBERSHIP / INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP


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