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 Welcome to INSTITUTIONAL Membership 1

INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP 1 is for schools, colleges and universities.

1) Share all our materials with unlimited teachers and unlimited students.

2) Share all our materials on Digital Learning Environments (these must be password protected).

3) Institutional Membership 1is PDF documents with our logos (these cannot be adapted).

4) Teaching online policy: Academic English UK gives permission for our PDFs to be converted into Word Documents. Please keep all logos and web addresses on the Word Documents. Please remember that only Institutional Membership 2 allows you remove our logos and to add you own signage to our documents. Go here for a PDF to Word Doc Convertor.

5) Please do not share our materials on social media sites or the internet.

INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP Terms and Conditions – here

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new lessons for academic English 2021

New for 2021

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academic Grammar by Academic English UK


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instant academic English Lessons by AEUK

Instant Lessons

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argument essays AEUK


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academic vocabulary


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topic lesson Books by AEUK


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Situation problem solution evaluation essays by AEUK

SPSE Essays

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Critical Thinking

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AEUK The Blog

online resources

Shared Drive: all video files are here.

If you can’t access YouTube or want the MP4 file, you can download all listening videos here. 

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