5x Mini Lectures Book 1 

Lecture content

  1. Tourism and leisure: Cruise holidays – the biggest cruise ship in the world [04:15].

The 4-minute lecture focuses on the largest cruise ship in the world ‘The Symphony of the Seas’. The lecturer provides facts and figures about the ship including size, staterooms, crew and features. He then illustrates the true cost of the ticket with many of the hidden costs not included in the ‘all-inclusive price’. It finishes with a summary about the popularity of cruising. The listening test worksheet includes: table completion, summary gap fill, and vocabulary.

  1. Finance, business, marketing: Charities – The National Trust [03:31].

The 3.35-minute lecture focuses on Europe’s biggest conservation charity ‘The National Trust’. The lecturer provides information on how it started, the property and land that they own and the cost of conservation. He then discusses the National Trust’s annual income using their 2019/2020 annual report and highlights the diverse range of employment within the organisation. The listening test worksheet includes:  open questions, gap fill & vocabulary.

  1. Technology / engineering: Electric cars – a comparison of two e-cars [04:12].

The 4-minute lecture focuses on the recent facts and figures connected to the growth of electric car market. The lecturer compares the top two most popular models of EV in the UK at the moment. He then asks the question on whether the UK is ready for the electric car revolution and what needs to be done to meet this goal. The listening test includes open questions & table completion.

  1. Environment: Single use plastics – bio-plastic the alternative? [ 04:12].

The 4-minute lecture focuses on the recent facts and figures connected to single use micro plastic pollution. The lecturer presents bioplastic as a possible alternative and analyses the company Vegware: plant-based compostable plastics. He discusses the process of creating bioplastic through the use of corn starch – polylactic acid. He questions whether bioplastic is a valid environmental alternative for SUPs and concludes by suggesting other measures that would be more successful. The listening test includes: open questions, table completion & summary gap fill.

  1. Science / biology: cybernetic organisms [03:40].

The 3:40 minute lecture starts by defining cybernetic organisms and gives some examples of restorative medical procedures that are currently being offered. It then provides information about enhanced procedures that will be available in the near future. It finishes with a discussion about the ethical issues of cybernetic organisms. The listening test includes: gap fill exercises, open questions & multiple choice.