5x Mini Lecture Listenings Book 3 (new for 2023)

Book contents:

  1. Technology: Automation Chatbots: more than simply the 21st century call centre [03:18].

This short lecture defines chatbots, discusses the industries that use chatbots and explains how chatbots work. It looks at the reasons why people prefer engaging with chatbots, the growth of the chatbot industry and identifies an untapped area where growth in the use of chatbots is possible. The listening test includes: open questions, multiple choice and gap fill tasks.

  1. Business: Big data and privacy: a complex balancing act [03:23].

This short lecture defines big data, illustrates how it influences the business world and explains the importance of data protection. It introduces laws, guides and tools to help protect our private information, and it puts forward measures that could be implemented further to protect everyone’s data. The listening test includes: open questions & gap fill exercises.

  1. Business / innovation: Adapt or die: how Netflix triumphed over Blockbuster [03:40].

This short lecture compares Blockbuster and Netflix. It starts by looking at Blockbuster and talks about its product, how it expanded, its revenue and then its downfall. It then introduces Netflix and explains how it started, its pricing model, its business strategy and its global success. The listening test includes: open questions, table completion, multiple choice & gap fill exercises.

  1. Finance / technology: Bitcoin: the standout trendsetter in a monetary minefield [03:25]

This short lecture defines bitcoin, talks about the success of bitcoin and explains how bitcoin works. It looks at the different perspectives from financial institutions, its market volatility and potential risks. The listening test includes: gap fill exercises, open questions and multiple choice.

  1. Sociology / psychology: Cybersecurity: today’s booming but necessary global market [03:40]

This short lecture defines cybersecurity, it looks at how we can protect ourselves from a cyberattack, it explains who is most responsible for cyberattacks in business, it puts forward the security measures companies can take and it provides data that indicates how cybersecurity is a booming industry. The listening test includes: gap-fill exercises, open questions & multiple choice.