Two-sided Argumentative Essays

5x general and 5x Academic argument essays

General arguments (no sources)

  1. Should parents educate their children at home? [440 words] *****[A2/B1]
  2. Is advertising a benefit for society? (550 words) *****[B1/B2]
  3. Is a UK university degree worth the money? [633 words] *****[B1/B2]
  4. Guns should be banned. (700 words) *****[B1/B2]
  5. Can wind energy replace electricity power stations? (720 words) *****[B1/B2]

Academic arguments (includes sources)

  1. Are mobile phones a health risk? (685 words) *****[B2/C1]
  2. Is Climate Change a result of human activities? (680 words)***** [B2/C1]
  3. Is a Vegetarian diet healthier and better for the environment? (750 words) *****[B2/C1]
  4. Is Obesity a disease? (765 words) *****[B2/C1]
  5. Is Social Media a benefit to society? (800 words) *****[B2/C1]