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Instant Lesson: Charities (new for 2021)

  • This instant lesson includes an introduction, a reading text (& comprehension questions), a 4-minute lecture listening (& comprehension questions), a speaking discussion (based on the two texts) and a paragraph writing exercise.
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  • Worksheet Example 
  • Time: 1-2 hours.  
  • Level ***** [B1/B2/C1]  
  • Video [03.31 ] 
  • MP3  

Reading text: The 400-word text discusses the first charity and how many charities there are now.  It provides information on the top three most popular charity types in the UK and their annual income revenue in 2020.  It discusses how charities raise money and the importance of volunteers. The reading test worksheet includes: headings/ T,F,NG / vocabulary. 

Listening lecture: The 3.35-minute lecture focuses on Europe’s biggest conservation charity ‘The National Trust’. The lecturer provides information on how it started, the property and land that they own and the cost of conservation. He then discusses the National Trust’s annual income using their 2019/2020 annual report and highlights the diverse range of employment within the organisation. The listening test worksheet includes: open questions / summary / vocabulary.