Instant Lesson: COVID-19 Pandemic 

Reading text: The 400-word text defines COVID 19 and highlights the key symptoms associated with the virus. It discusses the possible origins of the virus as zoonotic and a possible conspiracy theory of a labarotory leak. It describes how countries responded to the pandemic using lockdowns and finishes by discussing the key vaccines being used to control the virus. The reading test includes: headings / T,F,NG / vocabulary.

Listening lecture:The 4-minute lecture starts with an introduction to COVID-19 and its possible origins. The lecturer provides a basic description of how COVID-19 infects the body by preventing the interferons from recognizing it is a danger. He then discusses how the virus mutates and provides two examples of a UK and South African variant. The lecture also highlights how the virus spreads and its longevity in the air and on surface. The listening test includes: open questions, table completion and summary gap fill.