Instant Lesson: Fast Fashion 

Reading Text: The 400-word text discusses what is fast fashion and what kind of shoppers it attracts (self and social consumers). It provides information about the production of clothing lines and how quickly a clothing store can turn around a new product from design to shop floor. It finishes by examining the darker side to the industry through unethical labour practices, the pollution to the environment and consumer waste. The reading test includesheadings / T,F,NG / vocabulary.

Listening Lecture:  The 4.35-minute lecture discusses what fast fashion is and its purpose. It focuses on three serious environment impacts caused by the fast fashion industry. 1) materials 2) manufacturing 3) waste. The lecture provides examples and data to support the claims. It finishes by suggesting that we (the consumers) are the problem and we should support companies that follow a circular economic model. The listening test includes: open questions, table completion, multiple choice & gap fill exercises.