Instant lesson: Single Use Plastics (SUPs)

Reading text: The 400-word text defines single use plastics (SUPs) and highlights their devastating impact on the environment. It discusses how they break up in the natural environment into micro and nano plastics. It provides evidence on how they are harmful to human health and this is exacerbated through recent research discovering micro plastics in our drinking water systems. It finishes with a range of suggestions necessary to deal with the problem. The reading test includesheadings / T,F,NG / vocabulary.

Listening lecture: The 4-minute lecture focuses on the recent facts and figures connected to single use micro plastic pollution. The lecturer presents bioplastic as a possible alternative and analyses the company Vegware: plant-based compostable plastics. He discusses the process of creating bioplastic through the use of corn starch – polylactic acid. He questions whether bioplastic is a valid environmental alternative for SUPs and concludes by suggesting other measures that would be more successful. The listening test includes: open questions,  table completion and summary gap fill.