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Oil & Gas SPSE Lesson (writing &/or reading)

QUESTION: In the future, the Earth is likely to run out of oil and gas.

  • What problems do you foresee?
  • What are the possible solutions?
  • How effective are these solutions?

Answer this question and write a SPSE essay between 200 – 300 words.

Time: 50 minutes

  • Text discusses running out of oil, the main problems associated with no more oil and gas and possible solutions. This lesson can be done in a number of different ways.
  • 1) Write a SPSE essay using the question OR write a SPSE essay using an outline.
  • 2) Read the model answer text and identify SPSE.
  • Webpage Link
  • Example.
  •  Level: ***** [B1/B2/C1]