15x TED Talk Worksheets

  • 1.China Firewall, 2.Warehouses, 3.Office work 4.End of world 5.Global Future 6.Incovenient Truth 7.Insist on English 8.Texting English 9.Social Progress 10.Price of Happiness 11.Philosophy of Success 12. Domestic Violence 13.Viral Videos 14.Doctors’ Prescriptions 15. Team Building
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TED Talk Listening Comprehension Sheets

  1. Technology: Behind the great firewall of China. 
  2. Business: What happens inside massive warehouse? 
  3. Business: Why work doesn’t happen at work. 
  4. Environment: 10 ways the world could end.
  5. Environment: Navigating our global future. 
  6. Environment: The other inconvenient truth. 
  7. English: Don’t insist on English 
  8. English: Texting is killing language
  9. Social: The Social Progress Index.
  10. Social: The price of happiness. 
  11. Social: A gentler, philosophy of success. 
  12. Social: Domestic Violence. 
  13. Technology: Why videos go viral. 
  14. Medicine: What doctors don’t know about the drugs they prescribe. 
  15. Team Work: Build a tower, build a team.