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Listening Note-Taking Methods

What are listening note-taking methods?

The Curve of Forgetting graph (originally called The Ebbinghuas Curve) proposes we forget new information rapidly. If you take a lecture for example, many students think that because they understand the content, they don’t need to take notes but this understanding or retention can fall to 40% within just 48 hours. Thus, note-taking is an important skill for recall and review at a future date. 

There are many methods of note-taking and every individual is different but using a variety of techniques can only improve the efficiency of good note-taking. This webpage provides a range of methods to help students improve this skill.

Note-taking methods

  • Label the note-taking methods with a word from the box:

Note-taking methods

  • What method of notes would you take for the following lectures?

Listening note-taking video (08:53)

Listening note-taking methods lesson download


 Listening note-taking methods 1 [new 2021]

This lesson is an introduction to taking notes using a variety of methods. It begins by providing a guide to seven common methods. The lesson includes five 30-second listenings, two 2-minute listenings and one 8-minute lecture to practice using these methods. Example Time: 90-120mins.  Level ***** [B1/B2/C1] Video [08.50] / MP3 / TEACHER MEMBERSHIP / INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP



Active listening video (05:33)

Active listening lesson download


 4 tips to improve active listening skills by A.Lyon [new 2021]

This lesson is an introduction to active listening. It focuses on four key improvements to become a better active listener. It includes a set of listening questions and an active listening speaking task (mirroring, paraphrasing, summarising and clarification).  Example Time: 90-120mins.  Level ***** [B1/B2/C1] Video [05.33] / MP3 / TEACHER MEMBERSHIP / INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP



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