Instant Lesson: Cruises

Reading text: The 400-word text discusses how the cruise industry has reinvented itself over the last two decades and as a consequence has become incredibly successful. It provides key data on the biggest businesses in the industry and highlights that the Caribbean is the most popular cruise destination. It finishes with explaining why cruise holidays are so saleable. The reading test worksheet includes: headings/ T,F,NG / vocabulary. 

Listening lecture: The 4-minute lecture focuses on the largest cruise ship in the world ‘The Symphony of the Seas’. The lecturer provides facts and figures about the ship including size, staterooms, crew and features. He then illustrates the true cost of the ticket with many of the hidden costs not included in the ‘all-inclusive price’. It finishes with a summary about the popularity of cruising. The listening test worksheet includes: table completion / summary gap fill / vocabulary.