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This page provides information on advertising opportunities on the Academic English Website.

Only content connected to academic English, learning English or university skills will be published.

No writing or essay services.

academic English uk media pack

1. Google Analytics

            (February 2023)

28 days (35K)

AEUK Google analytics 28 days

7 days (9.4K)

AEUK Google analytics for 7 days

1 day (1.1K)

Google Analytics for 1 day

Demographics Snapshot

Academic English Demographical data

2. Page Links

Insert a single page link

Request a webpage link. Choose a page on our website and request a link insertion. We will include a heading, a small description and the link. This link will remain permanent for 1 year. Price: £50. Duration: 1 year

Insert multiple page links

Request webpage link of multiple pages. Choose the pages on our website and request link insertions. We will include a heading, a small description and the link. These links will remain permanent for 1 year. Price (5 pages): £100.  Price (10 pages): £150.  Duration: 1 year

Link insertion example

3. Banners and Ads

Insert Banner Ads

Banner ads run over 100 pages. We have advertising on every page of our website.

Choose the page on our website and request for the banner to be added. Banner ads must be created in 3 sizes only (see below). You are responsible for the creation of the ad. Image (GIF/JPEG/PNG or HTML).


Price (728×90): £100 (1 month)

Google Analytics for 1 day


Price (970×90): £130 (1 month)

Google Analytics for 1 day


Price (970×250): £200 (1 month)

Google Analytics for 1 day

4. Blog Articles

Insert a blog article

Request a blog article to published on Academic English UK Blog. We have a strict policy for our blog articles and the writer must adhere to all these requirements.

1) The blog article must be about academic English, learning English or university skills.

2) All associated links must be connected to academic English, learning English or university skills.

2) It must be written to a very high standard of English, which has been clearly proofread and edited.

3) The article must not be plagiarised (copied) and all content paraphrased effectively with relevant in-text references and a reference list (Harvard referencing).

4) All content must be from credible sources, fact-based and traceable content.

5) All photos / images must have digital proof where they came from.

6) Copyright transfer document: to publish on our site you agree to sign over the article to us so that it becomes our property.

7) We have the right to change, rewrite and remove sections if they are irrelevant or not in-keeping with Academic English UK’s values.

Example of a Blog Article:

Price (1 Blog article): £250

Duration: 1 year

5. Terms and Conditions


Last updated Feb 2023

If you are an Advertiser and wish to use the Advertiser Services, you may do so in accordance with the terms of this Section. The acronym ‘AEUK’ stands for the company Academic English UK and the website:


1.1     When you submit a Booking Request to AEUK, this does not mean AEUK has accepted your request for publication of an advertisement, blog article or link insertion.

1.2 On receipt of a booking request email, AEUK will reply confirming receipt of your Booking Request and outlining the terms of publication, including the Publication Period and the applicable charges (Booking Confirmation email). The Booking Confirmation will become binding on AEUK when AEUK receives the applicable charges relating to the booking confirmation from you. If you do not receive a Booking Confirmation email, your booking request shall be deemed to have been rejected.

1.3 Subject to clause 1.2 and in consideration for your payment of the Charges, AEUK shall publish the Link Insertion / Advertisement / Blog Article on the Website in accordance with the Advertisement Particulars for the Publication Period. The Publication Period shall be the period confirmed by AEUK in any Booking Confirmation. You have the opportunity to choose a specific date.

1.5 You acknowledge that AEUK may make changes to your Link Insertion / Advertisement / Blog Article submitted for publication in order to comply with any size, quality and formatting requirements for publication on the Website.

1.6 AEUK does not compile and collate statistics and data relating to each link insertion / advertisement / blog article published on the Website. There will be no Click Data or CPC information.

1.7 You hereby agree to any Link Insertion / Advertisement / Blog Article published on the Website also being published on AEUK’s social network accounts, the precise location and size to be decided at AEUK’s sole discretion.


2.1 All charges for link insertion / advertisement / blog article are payable by you using any of the accepted methods of payment (STRIPE / PayPal / Internet Banking). AEUK reserves the right to withhold the publication of or remove any published Advertisement for which AEUK has not received the applicable Charges.

2.2 All Charges shall be paid in advance and are non-refundable for any reason whatsoever.



Last updated Feb, 2023

3.1 AEUK publish link insertion / advertisement / blog article at its sole discretion. AEUK does not warrant, guarantee or represent that the link insertion / advertisement / blog article you submit for publication on the Website will not compete or conflict in any way with other material published on the Website.

3.2 AEUK cannot and does not guarantee that the Website will attain or maintain:

3.2.1 any particular search engine rankings; or

3.2.2 a minimum level of visits or page impressions in any given time frame.

3.3 You warrant and represent:

3.3.1 that all content provided as part of a link insertion / advertisement / blog article (Content) is accurate and fair;

3.3.2 that the Content does not consist of, contain, or link to any information, material or data that breaches the requirements under clause 3.3.3

3.3.3    The content is not reasonably deemed to be offensive, illegal, inappropriate or in any way:

    (i) promote racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual;

    (ii) harass or advocate harassment of another person;

    (iii) display pornographic or sexually explicit material;

    (iv) promote any conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libellous;

    (v) promote any illegal activities;

    (vi) provide instructional information about illegal activities, including violating someone else’s privacy or providing or creating computer viruses;

    (vii) promote or contain information that you know or believe to be inaccurate, false or misleading;

    (viii) engage in the promotion of contests, sweepstakes and pyramid schemes, without our prior written consent;

     (ix) exploit people in a sexual or violent manner;

    (x) invade or violate any third party’s right to privacy; and

    (xi) transmit junk mail, chain letters or unsolicited mass mailing, messaging or spamming.

    (xii) you have obtained the consent of any living person whose name or image appears in the Advertisement.



Last updated: Feb 2023

4.1 In no event shall AEUK (including its respective agents, sub-contractors or representatives) be liable for any:

4.2.1loss of profits; 

4.2.2 loss of data;

4.2.3, business interruption;

4.2.4 loss of use;

4.2.5 loss of contracts;

4.2.6 loss of expectation;

4.2.7 loss of goodwill and reputation; or

4.2.8 any indirect or consequential losses of any nature whatsoever.

4.3 For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in these terms shall be deemed to exclude, restrict or limit liability of either party (or their respective agents or sub-contractors) for death or personal injury resulting from their negligence or any liability for fraudulent misrepresentation.

Copyright 2017-2023 Academic English UK All Rights Reserved.



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