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A call for stricter gun control in the U.S.

Why should America have stricter gun laws?

This academic lecture looks at the differences between countries that have and don’t have gun laws. It examines statistical evidence related to gun related deaths and mass shootings. It also investigates the barriers to stricter gun control (The 2nd Amendment, NRA, Gun manufacturing) and calls for more control on semi-automatic rifles. 

This is an extremely controversial topic and the lecture is designed primarily as a lecture listening and note-taking activity. However, the content offers a great source of material for debate / seminar.

Key quotes from the lecture:

In 2018, America had 39,773 gun related deaths BUT in Australia and the UK there were approximately 160.

Examining the data relating to mass shootings reveals that there is one mass shooting nearly every day in the US.

2018 was the worst year on record for U.S school shootings with 113 students killed. 

In 2016, the gun industry contributed $51bn directly and indirectly to the US economy. In fact, according to the US Government firearms department, gun manufacturing is increasing exponentially with sales doubling from 5.4 million in 2016 to 11 million in 2017.

How many more gun related deaths will it take before America will acknowledge it has a serious problem?

Video: A Call for Stricter Gun Control in the U.S.

This listening lecture comes with accompanying PPT and listening test worksheet.

PPT link on download material


U.S. Gun Culture – Lecture Listening Lesson

This lecture focuses on the rise of gun related deaths and mass shootings in the U.S. It investigates the barriers that prevent stricter gun controls and calls for a ban on semi-automatic weapons. It includes a video, test questions, tapescript and PPT (see example).  Level ***** [B2/C1] / PPT link in download /  Video [11.31]   / TEACHER MEMBERSHIP / INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP


Speaking Lesson- seminar

  • Discussion: in small groups highlight the key arguments in the lecture.

    Critical thinking: Decide if you agree or disagree with each argument the lecturer has made.

    Critical thinking: Discuss what is the opposite argument of the lecturer’s key arguments. 


    Critical thinking: Is there anything in the lecture you disagree with or question?

Argument essay on Gun Laws


Gun Laws

Question: Should guns be banned? This essay investigates the US 2nd Amendment to bear arms against other countries where guns have been banned.  Example  / webpage. Words: 700  Level ***** [B1/B2]  TEACHER MEMBERSHIP / INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP



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