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Grammar Tense Review

This blog is a lesson on the twelve tenses of English. It includes an easy to understand tense chart of the twelve tenses, their structure and a sample sentence for each tense. The lesson asks students to discuss different structures to explain their use and rule. It then provides a tense review gap fill activity using all the tenses and finally finishes with a speaking. This is an excellent lesson that challenges and provides productive activities.

Did you know?

80% – 85% of academic and technical English is in the present, including passives.

5% – 10% is in the past, including passives.

5% is in every other tense/verb form 

15% of verbs are modal /  25% are passive.

60% of all content is nouns (3 – 4 nouns per verb).

Tense Review


Tense Review Exercises – [All 12 grammar tenses]

Exercise Sheet:This worksheet provides valuable practice on improving your understanding of the English Tense system. It includes two practice worksheets (intermediate & advanced level). Watch the video for an explanation on the 12 tenses.



Grammar Tense Review

This is a chart that shows all 12 English tenses with structure, rules and sample sentences.

the 12 tenses in English


Tense review AEUK 2020

Grammar Tense Review Table – [All 12 grammar tenses]

This is a ‘free’ grammar tense review table It includes all the 12 tenses, their structures and example sentences. Watch the video for a clear explanation of the 12 tenses in this table.


Grammar Tense Review Lesson

A good lesson to explore the basics of the English tense system, the rules and practice.

 Tense Review (3 lessons: analysis, gap fill, speaking )

This is a great lesson to introduce / revise English Tenses. Lesson 1: students discuss a number of sentences & identifying the tense & reason for use. Give out Tense handout (here) to consolidate. Lesson 2:  tense review gap fill. Lesson 3: speaking exercise with lots of questions using the tenses. Example   Level ***** [B1/B2/C1] / TEACHER MEMBERSHIP / INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP

Download: Informal Tense Review Practice Worksheets

Language Review

A really helpful worksheet to revise the key meta-language used by teachers in the classroom.

Language revision


Language Revision Worksheet – the basics.

This lesson is a basic worksheet to revise key meta-language used by teachers in the classroom. It’s a great lesson to do at the beginning of EAP course because it is helpful revision of key terms that students are expected to be aware of on a teaching course. The lesson focuses on parts of speech, nouns (countable/uncountable), verbs (participles), pronunciation(syllables/stress) and punctuation (see example).  Level ***** [B1/B2/C1]  TEACHER MEMBERSHIP INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP


More Academic Grammar Lessons

Passive practice worksheet

The basics of passive construction, use and rules – full explanation on web page

Passives: The basics


This is a worksheet that provides an overview of the basic passive structures, the rules and tense exercises. It also includes a speaking activity. A nice lesson to revise the basic structures and use of the passive.  Level ***** [B1/B2] TEACHER MEMBERSHIP / INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP

Free Download

Passive practice worksheet

More advanced passive structures – ‘impersonal passive’ and ‘to infinitive passive’. Also nominalisation (verb to noun) structures. Full explanation on web page

Academic Passive Structures / Nominalisation

An introduction to the impersonal passive structure ‘it is said that…’ and to infinitive passive form ‘ it is claimed to be…’. Also, how to nominalise verbs to nouns to show formality in writing. This worksheets provides key information and 10 writing questions. Level ***** [B1/B2/C1]      Example  / TEACHER MEMBERSHIP INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP

Nominalisation practice worksheet

How to change verbs to nouns to make academic writing more formal…full explanation on web page

Nominalisation (verbs to nouns)

An introduction to nominalisation. This worksheet shows the basics of nominalising, practices changing verbs to nouns, and includes three exercises from guided through to free practice. Good writing practice activity with a fair amount of challenge for all levels.  Level ***** [B1/B2/C1]      Example  / TEACHER MEMBERSHIP / INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP


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