New PDF to Word Terms and Conditions 

What’s this about?

Many of us are still teaching online and Word documents are far more practical to use online than PDFs. Therefore, we’ve changed our terms and conditions to provide permission for our PDF documents to be converted into Word documents. There are a couple of conditions attached to this:

  1. Please keep all logos and web addresses on the Word documents. 
  2. Please remember that only INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP 2 allows you remove our logos and to add you own signage to our documents.
  3. PAY-PER-DOWNLOAD and TEACHER MEMBERSHIP allow you to share the PDF materials with your students (via email or OneDrive) BUT these materials cannot be put on university Electronic Learning Environments or digital sharing platforms (only INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP 1 & 2 allow this).
  4. Buyers of our products have a responsibility to adhere to AEUK copyright. Please ensure students respect the copyright of the products and do not share through social media or internet sites.

Terms and conditions

How to covert a PDF to a Word Document

We’ve chosen the easiest software to convert PDFs: PDF Online. This is completely free and simple to use.

PDF convertor

New changes to our Teacher Membership terms and conditions

  • Teacher membership is for one individual teacher only.
  • Schools, colleges and universities (including teaching departments) must purchase INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP 1 or 2.

Teacher Membership Terms and Conditions – go here


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