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Lots of new materials and resources!

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Just to let you know that we have just rebuilt our website and added lots of new worksheets and resources. We’ve included some links to free materials to get you started. We’ve also started a new blog and this is our first blog article.

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New website link: click here

New Listenings: TED Talk Tests

TED TALK Tests – these are 10-15 minute lectures with listening test questions. There is a range of question types such as T/F/NG, Information tables, gap fills, summaries etc… These tests really test listening skills. Video

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Writing skills AEUK

New Writing Skills: Argument essays

Two-sided Argument Essays. AEUK has written 10 argument essays based on a range of contemporary topics. Each lesson includes an argument text, an outline and key points with support. Students can read the text to identify key points, or write the essay using key points.

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Reading Skills by AEUK

New Reading Skills: Reading Test / Summary

AEUK has written five academic texts on key business concepts.

The reading tests are a range of test questions (T/F/NG, gap fills, information tables, summary, etc…). Video

The reading-writing summary worksheets include the text, main points and support answers and a model summary. Video

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