Listening Circles

What are listening circles?

Listening Circles can be very successful in encouraging students to engage more deeply with texts by approaching them from different perspectives and discovering their different elements before rebuilding them with a better understanding of the whole (‘bigger picture’). These lessons are very student-led with the lecture choice, role setting and discussion stages all controlled by the students. However, the initial set up and general passive organisation is through the teacher.

Listening Circle Roles

Students work in groups of four (a listening circle) and each student focuses on a specific area of the lecture: After the lecture the listening circle holds a discussion where each student shares their findings. The group then discuss the main points of the lecture, the stance of the speaker and areas they would like to research to gain a better understanding.

Listening Circle: class schedule

This is how to conduct a two-hour class. Timing is essential so that the students manage to do all key tasks.

Listening Circle Download

This is the full guide to how to run a successful ‘Listening Circles’ class. It is designed to be run over a semester and provides students with key skills in student-led discussion and developing autonomy.


Listening Circles lesson & worksheet

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