Speaking Tasks (analysis & evaluation)


What are academic speaking tasks?

This lesson is aimed to develop discussion skills but more importantly to focus on critical thinking strategies of analysis and evaluation. In small groups the students are given a speaking task card. It highlights a problem or situation and asks students to discuss the topic, analyse some of the ideas and the evaluate their effectiveness. After the students have finished, they present their ideas to the class. 

Speaking Task Card 1

Other topics: Speaking English, greener university, plagiarism (writing mills), traffic congestion and homelessness (example)


Speaking Tasks – Analysis & Evaluation

This lessons includes six speaking task cards (halls of residence, speaking English, greener university, plagiarism, congestion, homelessness). In small groups students discuss the situation, analyse the key issues/areas and evaluate which are the most effective (see example).  Level ***** [B1/B2/C1] TEACHER MEMBERSHIP / INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP


Seminar / Discussion Phrases

Seminar Phrases Sheet: a range of standard English phrases 

Suitable phrases to use for giving opinions, facts, interrupting, understanding, summarising, examples and disagreeing


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