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 Academic Writing Websites

Here a four websites we recommend to our students to use when writing essays or doing written work in class. These sites help with key skills of paraphrasing and summarising too.

Google Synonym Search

Use Google to search for key synonyms (similar words). This can be done through typing the word say  'analysis' followed by 'syn' =  'analysis syn'. This is the type of search you will receive:

Thesaurus Synonym Search

The www.thesaurus.com is a versatile website that offers a good range of synonyms (similar words). It divides the lists into two key groups of dark orange for most frequent to light orange not so frequent. Below is an example of a search with the word of 'analysis'.


Ozdic Collocation Search

The www.ozdic.com is an excellent website that offers key collocations (words and phrases that go together). This collocation search will help fluency in writing and use more academic formal vocabulary. Below is an example of a collocation search for 'analysis'. It shows key adjectives and verbs used with analysis.

Manchester Phrase Bank

Manchester University have produced a comprehensive bank of academic phrases under a variety of topics; methods, results, defining, introductions, conclusions and more. The author has given AEUK permission to use a reduced list on this website - click here. Below is an example of the types phrases - this is not considered plagiarism because these are common language phrases not ideas.

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